Surf Love Mural

My garage door is about 16 feet wide by 7 feet tall. I'm going to do three panels on it. The center panel will be 10 feet wide and feature a surfer riding a big wave. On each end of the door will be a 3 feet by 7 feet panel featuring a surfer on the beach. So far this has been a whole lot of fun. I'm still working on the design, but I've gotten started on the panels. The images are present backwards in time so the first images are the most recent ones.

Here's the latest (August, 2017) full view.

And here's the main addition.

Progress pictures

Here's a close up of the surfer girl.

Comments over time

You can see the beginning of each panel here.

The weather's been nice enough to do some more painting. Here's what the mural looks like on 15 January, 2017.