In 2009 I took a multi-day rafting trip through parts of the Grand Canyon. That experience changed my life. It made me realize I wasn't really living. I was just existing, without much passion for life. At the time I didn't know what I was going to do differently going forward, but I knew I wanted to change. I started thinking about what are the things I really enjoy and who are the people I really care about. One of the changes was to tell the people I love that I love them and to show them that, too. I also started painting and doing more writing. This is the first set of paintings I did. I started with the center painting and then expanded from there. I ended up painting this part of my garage three times. The two other times are here. I will always remember what actually got me started. The trip down the Grand Canyon was the initial motivation, but the first actual action that I took was when I was driving home from work one summer night. Part way home this crazy idea popped into my head. I thought "I'm going to paint my garage." I knew I meant I would paint a picture on the garage. I stopped at an Orchard Supply on the way home and picked up some small cans of paint and some paint brushes. When I got home I looked online for an image I thought I could paint. I found the dunes scene, printed it out, grabbed a ladder, the paints and brushes, and went to work. Using the image as inspiration, I did my first painting. It's been a passion for me every since.