Tropical Jungle Mural

Just finished this large (6ft by 7 ft) tropical jungle mural. I'm had a ton of fun working on it.

The story with this is that a few years back I bought my mom a couple ceramic frogs. She put them on her garage wall. They've stayed there since then, hanging out on the basic greenish wall. One day last year (2015) I was going to visit my mom. I realized I hadn't painted anything 'big' in a while and I started thinking about what I could do. I thought about a possible project at work (African savannah scene with elephants, rhinos, giraffes, butterflies and such), but decided to hold on that idea. Then I remembered the colorful frogs. As colorful as they are, I figured it would be nice to give them a colorful environment. I talked with my mom about the idea and she gave me the green light.

I didn't want to make the 2hr drive to her house every time I wanted to work on the mural so I figured I could get some smooth plywood and do the painting at my place and then install at hers when it was done. Got it done and installed at her place on the 25th of June, 2016.

With Mom and Mike. Mike helped me frame and install the mural.

Here's just the mural.

A few close ups...

From here on are some work-in-progress images. The starting point: Frogs on the garage.

Close up of the colorful frogs.

Frogs on primed plywood.

Canvas set up at my place and the sky added. And yes...that's my real hair.

These next three pictures were taken 03 March 2016. I think I'm about half way done. In this first picture I'm working on a hibiscus plant.

I want to add some bird of paradise plants between the two trees.

The full view. The frogs will go on the big leaves on the right. As you can see, I still have plenty to do. I plan to add a lots more flowers and greenery and one or two animals.

March 13th update. Finished the red and yellow hibiscus shrubs.

April 3rd update. I'm working on the Birds of Paradise this week.

April 14th update. The Birds are nearly done.

May 12th update. Birds of Paradise done ! Now on to ground cover, which is grass and pansies. Then a tortoise. Should be fun!

June 5th update. Finished pansies and turtle.

A bit closer look at the pansies.

The greenery that will be at the base of the mural.